Claims & Insurance Forms

The list below contains forms available for download for current AMA Insurance certificate holders. If you have any questions about these forms, or would like AMA Insurance to mail you a form instead, please contact us.

Please note that some of the forms below allow you to type information directly into the PDF, however, for privacy purposes, you may not save a filled out form.

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Dental Insurance
Hospital Income (Hospital Indemnity) Insurance Plan
Catastrophic Major Medical/Excess Major Medical Insurance
For All Other Claims
Medicare Supplement Claim Appeal Procedures
Hospital Income (Hospital Indemnity) Insurance Plan

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Enrollment Form: Set up automatic monthly payments from your bank account.

Add Secondary Address
Catastrophic Major Medical Insurance Hospital Directory


View the directory of hospitals in the CMM plan. Admittance to a network hospital is recommended but not required by this plan.

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