Employer Group Long Term Disability Insurance

For Physician Groups, Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

A flexible plan designed for physicians and their employees

Physicians and healthcare workers, who have made substantial investments in their careers, deserve robust and comprehensive Group Long-Term Disability insurance protection to help safeguard their income. The AMA Insurance Group Long-Term Disability Insurance Program offers customized coverage to healthcare professionals while also providing enhanced benefits to all other employees.

AMA Insurance is proud to offer coverage through the Professional Services Employer’s Trust

Since 1982, the Professional Services Employer’s Trust (PSET) has been helping protect healthcare professionals with quality group disability insurance solutions. This exclusive Trust arrangement helps participating groups obtain unique contractual advantages, cost effective coverage, and is designed to cover the greatest variety of circumstances possible for physicians and their staff. And since the Trust segregates each group’s premium and claims loss experience, your group is well positioned to participate in dividends from the Trust.

Customizable coverage, features and benefits include:

• A unique Own Occupation Definition to enhance coverage.
Guarantee Issue – everyone qualifies for coverage.
• The Assisted Living Benefit can increase the benefit payable and the Lifetime Security Benefit can extend the maximum benefit period. These two benefits alone significantly increase the quality level of the plan and are unmatched in the industry.
• Mental / Nervous, Alcohol & Drug Limitation – 24 months per occurrence.
• Partial Disability Included.
Return to Work Incentive – available unique partial disability benefit is significantly higher than that     available through other group or individual plans.
Reasonable Accommodation Expense Benefit – up to $25,000 for worksite modifications for the disabled employee.
• Competitive Rates – favorable claims experience and longevity ensure competitive premium rates for all insured members.
• Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – telephone and private in person assessment and counseling is included.

Choose this coverage with confidence

This plan is underwritten by Standard Insurance Company of Portland, Oregon. The Standard has been underwriting this coverage since the inception of the Trust in June, 1982. Standard possesses an “A” (excellent) financial/claim paying ability from the A.M. Best Company, which has analyzed insurance companies since 1899.

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